Benefits for Students

  • Chance to a get freelive session on the desired topic by enrolling under the Tarunodaya mission.
  • To receive individual certificates jointly from AICRA & Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports.
  • An opportunity to participate in the World Robotics Championship “Technoxian”.

Benefits for School/College/Institute

  • Chance to bring in their college into the race of competing in TechnoXian
  • To receive a certification jointly from AICRA & Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for engaging maximum student in Tarunodaya (The free live Session).

Benefits for Mentors/Coordinators

  • Chance to represent themselves as the mentor of the team registered from their end in TechnoXian.
  • To receive a certification jointly from AICRA & Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports for their active participation in Tarunodaya & for managing everything.


The All India Council for Robotics & Automation under its India STEM Mission envisions introducing the Concepts of Robotics to 10 Million Students through the program named Tarunodaya. The mission will spike students' interest in robots & robotics by providing FREE Robotic Training sessions led by Industry experts. This One-of-a-kind mission is a life-changing moment that inspires & motivates young minds to choose their career paths in the technology of tomorrow. Also, it's a nation-building exercise to create a diverse community of skilled individuals & entrepreneurs.

Tarunodaya - Free robotics session inspires students to delve deep into the world of robotics by spreading awareness and the importance of learning it for the future. This alternative learning experience will help to maximize individual potential develop personal strengths, and ensure students are well-equipped to meet the challenges they face in the world around them and prepare them for their professional lives in the future.

The program builds towards a capstone in which you will learn about the fundamentals and core concepts of robotics in a pre-planned session in your city as per the convenience of your batch. Each participant will get a joint certification provided by AICRA & Ministry of Youth & Sports and a chance to explore the endless opportunities provided by Technoxian World Robotics Championship.

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