Where does AICRA stand

All India Council for robotics and automation setting up the standards in robotics and automation and education industry. The non-profit apex body has been helping member organizations to find solutions for difficult technical problems.

AICRA has established center of excellence, NxR robotics labs, robotic skill centers at various institutions of the country. These initiatives help them to develop a world-class infrastructure that lets students have great exposure to STEM.

These initiatives at the academic institutions are expected to keep the students at pace with the technological advancements in engineering and science while also understanding its implications in the real world. AICRA is bringing together all the relevant advancements in technology to work in a synergistic way towards the goal of developing talented individuals for the corporate world in STEM subjects.

Aside from labs and hardware, AICRA offers a variety of courses geared toward making students smarter and better problem solvers. The courses are carefully designed to ensure the student's overall development and provide them with a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the topics.