Why STEM is important in India

India's rich heritage in the fields of science and mathematics is well-known around the world. Indians have always managed to make the rounds in the conventions of geniuses and academic leaders, from the invention of zero to some stunning finds in the early Vedic times to build a room for them in the world of Silicon Valley. However, because the trend has deteriorated over the last few decades, this leadership has failed to transcend the annals of industry, manufacturing, and international trade.

India's education system is in desperate need of a transformation, and STEM education has the potential to provide just that. The education industry and schools in India are in dire need of STEM education. It converts students into future innovators rather than just users of technology.

Rather than resting on its laurels, India must begin 'investing in the future right away. Basic research and development in science, math, technology, energy, and other sectors must be prioritized. It is necessary to populate the scientific community. It is critical to begin pushing young pupils to seek research-oriented jobs in Science, Math, and Technology.

Schools across India must think forward –unconventionally- and launch authentic STEM teaching to instill and inculcate genuine passion in learning Science and Math. Teachers and parents will have to work together to encourage students to accept this new pedagogy.

Employers of all kinds are increasingly looking for people who are proficient in science, technology, engineering, and math in today's global economy. It is a labor issue, an economic development issue, and a corporate need to invest in ensuring a pipeline of individuals proficient in STEM competencies. And the greatest way to secure a return on these efforts is to start building these talents in youngsters as early as possible. We aren't tool manufacturers, game designers, or even educators. We are change-makers in the field of education.